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Parramatta Advertiser Article 25/06/2008 —

Parramatta Advitisor recently posted this article, it seems that the WEP plans are hitting the media…


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This Blog is now an internal PMHS blog

Due to the amount of publicity this blog is recieving ( more than 600 page views in less than 12 hours), this blog will now be held private, and only viewable internal to PMHS students.

Unfortunatly the only reason this blog is becoming internal, is because of the apparent claims that this website has been influenced by teachers etc.etc.. 

Who ever claimed that this blog was some how influenced by others or mentioned something negative, how about sending me an email rather than claiming and pointing the finger at other people! 

This blog was initiated and monitored by students, and students only as a form to gather opinions!

All comments and posts were carefully monitored in order to avoid any false claims, the students made sure that this blog did not discriminate any one.

but fear not, this is only a temporary solution, our voices will be heard.

Students who want access to this blog please email , stating your full name, school, year group, homeroom, and active email address.. once your information has been verified, the password will be provided to you

p.s: if only i knew the password on the school mac computers

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Protected: PMHS student initiative meeting held on 24/6/08

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